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The 2024 CCAA Championship Meet date is Sunday, July 7 (one day, all groups format) at the N. Charleston Aquatic Center.


(Revised 8/5/2019)

Snee Farm Swim Team was formed in 1971. Throughout the seventies, the team was one of the top contenders for the CCAA Championship. Snee Farm was finally able to overcome five-time defending champion King’s Grant for its first CCAA Championship in 1980. The team won the next two Championships in 1980 and 1981, and competition remained keen in the CCAA among King’s Grant, James Island, Ashborough, Northbridge Terrace, and the JCC. The team won the CCAA Championship again in 1985, but this victory came through a policy that overemphasized winning. Summer club memberships and other short-sighted tactics (hiring non-SF swimmers as lifeguards and coaches, etc.) were used to bolster the team with non-neighborhood "fast" swimmers, and long-time team members suffered from reduced attention and participation. A coaching change in 1986 led to an end of the short-term tactics that compromised the long-run health of the team, but the damage was done. Participation by neighborhood kids plummeted, and the team placed 11th in the Championship Meet. Erik Kreutner was named Head Coach in 1987, a position he held until 1989. He established the principles upon which all of the team’s recent successes have been based. His focus on fundamentals, caring, fun, sportsmanship and competition for all swimmers is still maintained today. Summer memberships were scrapped – all members must be full members of the club, and the coaching staff is comprised entirely of current longstanding and veteran members of the team. Erik’s concern for not sacrificing the long-term condition of the team and the swimmers (for short-term success) was his greatest gift to the team. Jason Kreutner has served as Head Coach since 1990.

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