Coaches' Mini Biographies

Coaches' Mini-Biographies

Olivia Bagley (6 & under Coach)
Team Member: 2000-present                  
Coach: 2008-present               
School: Wando graduate, rising sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill (Theater Production)            
Activities: band, National Honor Society, Beta Club
Team Honors: * Jason Jones’ Award – 2004, * Coach's Cup – 2007

Bucky Buchanan (Part-time Coach)
Team Member: 1994-2004     
Coach: 2005-present                               
School: graduate of Wando and College of Charleston (member of C of C swim team), graduate student at The Citadel
Occupation: PE/Health/Latin teacher at University School of the Lowcountry
Activities:  martial arts instructor (3d degree black belt), surfing, reading               
Team Honors: * Jason Jones' Award – 1995, * Coach's Cup - 1999       

Brock Fraser (Part-time Coach)
Team Member: 1998-2008                     
Coach: 2007-2009, present
School: Wando graduate, rising senior at Clemson (Financial Management)
Activities: swimming, reading, music
Occupation: Internship at UBS
Team Honors: *Work Ethic - 1999, *Coach’s Cup - 2008
Kelsey Gross (Assistant 5-10 yr olds Coach)
Team Member: 2004-present  
Coach: 2010-present               
School: rising junior at Wando
Activities: Wando varsity swimming, horseback riding
Team Honors: * Work Ethic Award – 2007, *Coach’s Cup - 2010
Chelsea Joyner (Head 6 & under Coach)
Team Member: 1996-2009     
Coach: 2007-present                               
School: Porter-Gaud graduate, rising junior at University of Georgia (Health Promotion)       
Activities: UGA Swim club, Phi Mu Sorority
Team Honors: * Coach’s Cup - 2007     

Noah Kelly (Assistant 5-10 yr olds Coach)
Team Member: 2001-present                  
Coach: 2010-present
School: rising sophomore at Wando
Activities: Wando varsity swimming, acting, basketball
Team Honors: * Work Ethic Award – 2005,* Jason Jones' Award – 2006, * Work Ethic Award – 2009                 

Jason Kreutner (Head Coach)
Creekside / Charleston Tennis Club: Swimmer (1976-1984)
Snee Farm: Swimmer (1986-1989), Assistant Coach (1987-1989), Head Coach (1990-present)
School: University of South Carolina Honors College (B.A./B.S.), and Emory University (M.A.)   
Occupation: Founder and Head of School, University School of the Lowcountry   
Family: Wife: Ashleigh (Tasha) Eady – Gilligan’s Steamer & Raw Bar Management, Daughter: Elizabeth Kessler (Kessler)

T.J. Medlock (Head Assistant Coach / Head 7-8 Coach)
Team Member: 1995-2007                     
Coach: 2006-present               
School: Wando graduate, Clemson graduate (Biological Sciences w/rehabilitation emphasis)                                  
Activities: band, MP Swim Club (2005-2007), Wando swim team (2005-2007), Clemson club swim team (social chair, 2007-present), biking, running, putt-putt
Team Honors: * Work Ethic Award – 2003, * Coach's Cup - 2004                                        
Nate Silvestri (6 & under Coach)
Team Member: 2005-present                  
Coach: 2009-present               
School: rising junior at Academic Magnet
Activities: AMHS varsity swimming and soccer, fishing, boating, lifeguard
Team Honors: * Jason Jones' Award – 2006, * Work Ethic Award – 2007, * Coach's Cup – 2009

Rikki White (Part-time Coach)
Team Member: 1996-2006                     
School: Wando graduate, Clemson graduate (Psychology), attending MUSC in the fall
Coach: new, formerly assistant (2007-2009) and Head Coach (2010) of Brickyard Swim Team                                            
Activities: Wando varsity swimming, Clemson club swimming, Clemson water polo, traveling
Occupation: Atlanticville
Team Honors: *Jason Jones’ Award - 1999, *Coach’s Cup – 2000